Saturday, July 30, 2011

Painting Dillemas, RPG Development Dillemas

Well, I have been painting multiple things at once: Some clanrats which are turning out quite decent, some striking scorpions which are turning out OK, and working on the new painting techniques for my Necrons which, in my head at least, will look awesome.

Now, the clanrats, when I actually do get a chance to work on them, are progressing suprisingly quickly considering how much detail and work I am putting into them. I am pulling a lot of stops, shading and highlighting each one individually and creating some neat effects on some so that they stand out a bit from your normal horde of clanrats. However, now that I am putting that kind of work into individual models now the rest of my models seem to be falling short in my eyes. The striking scorpions, which started with just simple highlights, look suprisingly dull next to those clanrats. I am hoping to make up for it with some fantastic swamp basing, we will see what happens.

As for my RPG's, I have recently came across a dillema regarding warhammer heroes: should I use the system for my own tabletop wargame? I could put all that work into it and never really get anything out of it. I am sure others have had the idea to propose a new way to expand 40k in the past and I have never really heard of anyone getting through to them. Also, I am debating on if I want to go to school to learn to program the online RPG or if I should hire someone to do it after I get a high paying job.

As with all life problems, I am sure I will come up with a solution!

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