Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Future plans (of conquest;))

So, having not made any recent posts about any progress I have been making, or plans for the future, I decided to post some news. Unfortunately, I still don't have a camera which works well enough to upload pics to a pc so descriptions will have to do.

Necrons: I still plan on making my platinum lord titan. I am also going to make an aonic orb and arbiter, as well as put up some fluff for my necrons. Currently working on my platinum lord, and making plans for Raider class flyers (which theoretically are equivalanet to thunderhawks in size?)

Daemonhunters: apacolypse plans for deamonhunters include a modified hellhammer and a grey knight thunderhawk, the GKTH will be scratch-built. A link has been added to the links page showing a very cool thunderhawk which is the inspiration for my own. Regular plans for Daemonhunters include finishing my retinue and grey knight squad. This army is going to take a lot of time to finish as it will be the army I take the most time and effort to paint really well.