Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Current Project List

 (This is mainly copied and pasted from a post I made on Warseer)

I am a modeler/painter who plays a game or two once a week. I have a semi-large collection of models that.....aren't getting done very fast.

Its not that I don't work on them. I spend part of a day or so every week trying to get these done. Some of you may say this is enough. In all honesty it has been up until this point. I promised myself I would take the laid-back approach to this hobby and not worry too much about it, but one of my problems is that whatever I tend to go at, I tend to try to give my utmost. This goes for everything, (save video games, which I seem to have cured myself of this,) from writing to work to even cleaning the house.

I say this because, of late, I have been very dissatisfied with how slowly my vision of what my armies will look like on the table-top are coming to pass. I can proudly say that one army is mostly finished (Necrons, the love of my "gaming life" for this hobby) but even they are leaving me dissatisfied, for I get new visions of how they would look so much NMM, something I have been practicing of late and happily getting better at.

I have also been getting the strong urge lately to make scratch-build projects and sell them online. I realize there are many such people around, and that whatever I come up with will likely not be very successful. I believe I have an advantage, however, in that I seem to be able to find niches to fill in whatever I do. I can come up with new ideas or better old ones, and I believe this will give me an edge.

Thus the purpose of this thread is to make an attempt at a steady flow of models getting done, as well as scratch-build projects. Progress may be slow at first. I am hoping that some people can find my work interesting and help push me through with a bit of support.

Here is what I have that is *done* or close enough to being done to be happy with it, apoligies for how scattered it is, I will orginize it in later posts.
  • 1 Bloodletter
  • 2 Chaos Berserkers of Khorne (Bases need to be done)
  • 1 Chaos Terminator Lord (Base needs finishing)
  • 5 Space Wolf Blood Claws (need basing)
  • 5 Space Wolf Wolf Guard with Jumppacks and Lightning claws. (need to finish basing a few of them.)
  • 1 Space wolf Dread
  • Njal Stormcaller (possible re-do, will ask your guy's opinion)
  • A few Black Reach Ork Boys
  • 2 Striking Scorpions (needs basing)
  • 1 Dark Reaper (Needs basing)

Here are things that are finished (completely) but that I want to re-do:

  • 4 Necron Lords
  • 60 Necron Warriors
  • 6 Necron destroyers
  • 2 Necron Heavy Destroyers
  • 1 Necron Tomb Spider
  • 5 Necron Immortals
  • 10 Necron Flayed Ones
  • 10 (Older metal) Scarab Swarms
  • 1 heavily converted Destroyer Lord
  • 1 Monolith
  • 1 Forge World Necron Pylon
  • 1 Chaos Rhino (not happy with the patterning!)
  • 1 Terminator Chaplain (Which marine army is largely undecided

Here are things that I started and need to finish:
  • 1 Defiler
  • 1 Soul Grinder (This is looking especially Nice IMHO)
  • 1 Space Wolf Rhino/Razorback (almost done!)
  • The rest of the 15 or so Blood Claws
  • 30 or so Grey Hunters
  • 2 Wolf Priests converted from SW bits and Legion of The Damned Models (Painting and basing only, very happy with how they are looking!)
  • 15 or so Fenrisian Wolves made from the Dire Wolf Set and furred up with Green Stuff.
  • 1 Killa Khan
  • 1 Ork Battlewagon
  • The rest of my Black Reach Ork Boys (I don't care about these so much, I have a Mek Ork Army)
  • 1 Tower of Skulls (Need to buy Kits and finish building it - Currently only Tank made and partially painted)
  • 2 Doomsday Monoliths (need to finish these separate scratch-build projects, each is different)
  • 1 Ork Mek with Shock Attack Gun (I love this guy! Not much more work on him now!)
  • About 22 Khorne Berserkers
  • The rest of my 40 or so Bloodletters (used spray gun on them for basecoating and washing, saving me much, much time!)
  • 1 Space Wolf Drop Pod
  • 1 Space Wolf Bastion
These are models I have yet to paint (they are, however, built)
  • 2 Killa Khans (Love these!)
  • 20 Dire Avengers
  • 20 or so Guardians (won't use 'em, save them for a rainy day or trade)
  • 4 more Striking Scorpions (Having read the Eldar Book, I LOVE striking Scorpions!)
  • Full Squad of Fire Dragons + Pheonix Lord (LOVE these!)
  • Full Squad of Warp Spiders (Love these too! Where is my WS Pheonix Lord though?)
  • Rest of the Dark Reaper Squad plus Pheonix Lord (love these too)
  • All of the Ork Nobs from black Reach (don't particularly care to use these)
  • 6-9 Black Reach Defcoptas (love these)
  • 1 Black Reach Warboss (may not use him)
  • 5 Ork lootas (love these, need to fill the squad out at some point)
  • 10 old metal Daemonettes
  • 10 new plastic daemonettes (wish they were the old metal ones!)
  • 1 Bloodthirster (He looks much better than any pic I have seen of him...)
  • 1 herald on juggernaut (need to find the rest of the parts for him and put him together)
  • 1 wave serpent
  • 2 Eldar Weapon Platforms (probably won't use these)
  • 1 Eldar Wraithlord (I don't like the weapons the guy put on it but it was a steal so.....)
  • 5 scouts with sniper rifles
  • 6 flamers of tzeentch
  • More that I can't remember right now, will list as I come across them
Oh, BTW, that's just 40K :D



  • 1 Dwarf Cannon (will re-do)
  • 2 Dwarf Thunderers
Need to finish
  • The rest of my 40 thunderers
  • Need to take apart my warriors and give them all Great Weapons or make them crossbowmen (about 20 warriors)
  • 1 Organ Gun
  • 1 White Dwarf
  • 1 Runepriest
  • This army isn't completely bought yet and is in progress.
  • Scrapped an entire Vampire-Counts starter box (90 dollar one) I don't like the way it plays.
  • 1 Vlad Model (love the way it looks)
Now, on to planned projects.

Projects for friends:
  • 1 Avatars of War Chaos Lord with Sword and Shield
  • 1 Plague Furnace
  • 1 Screaming Bell (I believe that is right?)
  • 1 Forgefather Vulkan Hestan
  • 2 Doomwheels
  • 1 GK's Land Raider Reedeemer

Resin Kits I want to make:
  1. Items in yellow can be done as moldable kits
  2. Items without a highlight are likely too tough to make into a moldable kit. 
  3.  Items in green are Superheavy/Titan projects which will hopefully yield a lot of money.
  4. Items in Red MUST be one-offs-no reproductions!
  5. Items in Red and with an asterisk MUST be one-offs and might be hard to do.*
  6. Items in Blue are planned projects to make into limited kits once enough experience in Kit-making is gained.

  • ·         Warlord Titan
  • ·         Chaos Warlord Titan (No Alignment)
  • ·         Eldar Bastion
  • ·         Tau Bastion
  • ·         Dark Eldar Bastion
  • ·         Daemon Spire
  • ·         Necron Tomb Entrance
  • ·         Daemonic Portal
  • ·         Banelord or Khorne
  • ·         Emperor Battle Titan
  • ·         Doomblaster of Khorne
  • ·         Khorne Lord of Battles
  • ·         Nurgle Plague Tower
  • ·         Silver Tower of Tzeentch
  • ·         Slaanesh Subjugator
  • ·         Defense Laser
  • ·         Ork Pulsa Rokkit
  • ·         Tau Landing Pad
  • ·         Eldar Landing Pad
  • ·         Dark Eldar Landing Pad
  • ·         Eldar Indomitable Fortress
  • ·         Dark Eldar Indomitable Fortress
  • ·         Tau Indomitable Fortress
  • ·         Daemon Fortress
  • ·         Awakened Necron Tomb
  • ·         Ork Indomitable Fortress
  • ·         Tyranid Hive
  • ·         Tyranid Indomitable Hive
  • ·         Simple Eldar Scenery
  • ·         Simple Dark Eldar Scenery
  • ·         Simple Daemon Scenery
  • ·         Simple Tau Scenery
  • ·         Simple Necron Scenery
  • ·         Simple Tyranid Scenery
  • ·         Simple Ork Scenery
  • ·         Ruined Monolith
  • ·         Crashed Wave-Serpent
  • ·         Ruined Land Raider
  • ·         Ruined Ork Trukk
  • ·         Ork Looted Wagon (each one must be unique)
  • ·         Crashed Tau Piranhas
  • ·         Crashed Tau Hammerhead
  • ·         Dead Hive Tyrant*
  • ·         Crashed Dark Eldar Raider
  • ·         Dead Bloodthirster*
  • ·         Dead Lord of Change*
  • ·         Dead Keeper of Secrets*
  • ·         Dead Great Unclean One*
  • ·         Abandoned Leman Russ
  • ·         Necron Dawn of War Lord*
  • ·         Pillboxes