Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Recent Trade

Well, sadly I no longer have my Space Wolves.

I haven't given up on them or anything, but someone offered me a deal I couldn't pass up. The deal was basically 2 fantasy armies for one 40k army. I have acquired Skaven and Warriors of Chaos, the Skaven army in particular being almost 3000 points worth of stuff. The WOC is currently at just over 2000. There are a few items I need for each in order to field an army I would want to field, but overall I am very happy with my trade.

  • 60 Clanrats
  • 40 Plague Monks
  • 40 Stormvermin
  • 2 Doomwheels
  • 1 Plague Furnace
  • 1 Screaming Bell
  • 2 Rat Ogres
  • 1 old Plague Priest
  • What looks to be a unit of mostly unassembled Gutter Runners. (I can see why people don't like the models)
  • 16 Globadiers
To complete this army fully I want:
  • 2 Ratling Teams
  • 5 Jezzail Teams
  • 2 Warp Lightning Cannons
  • 1 Abomination
  • Skrolk
Now on to Warriors of Chaos:
  • 36 Warriors
  • 20 Maruaders (Not likely going to use)
  • 5 Maruader Horsemen (Again, not likely I'm going to use them)
  • 6 Chaos Knights
  • 1 Lord on Juggernaught
  • 1 Old Metal Daemon Prince whom you can't easily get anymore (Name escapes me, love the model)
  • 1 Lord on Foot
  • 10? Chosen (Have not received yet)
In order to complete my list I want a Hellcannon.

My Skaven are going to be Clan Pestilens, so I need Skrolk as well. I have an extra plague priest from the bell which will work in the meantime. The center of the army is of course the Furnace :) In large point games I will throw a Bell in there as well.

My Warriors of Chaos are going to be a mixed lot, only Chaos God I won't represent is Tzeentch. I hate Tzeentch. The army will be centered around Warriors and Knights.