Monday, December 15, 2008

Finally, a Digital Camera!

Actually, this digital camera takes pictures a little TOO well. I can see all of the little flaws and painting parts that I missed while drybrushing, inking, etcetera in these photos, but that's only going to make my work so much better.

What you see up top is my standard for my Necron destroyers, as well as my single tomb spider, of which I plan to have 3. More pictures to follow, and naturally I am going to be taking multiple angles because you don't see all of what went into these models in one frontal shot.

Some more updates: Dwarfs! I have recently added fantasy to my list of warhammer goodness and have purchased the $90 box set of dwarfs, and I also have the runelord with staff to paint too. On top of that, I have been working on my daemonhunters and will give an update to that as well.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Well, these were taken quite a while ago, but this is the first lord I had painted. Unfortunately, this was taken with my phone and the quality is very poor, but it gives you a basic idea of an early paint job of mine and somewhat the scheme I have for my necron army.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Future plans (of conquest;))

So, having not made any recent posts about any progress I have been making, or plans for the future, I decided to post some news. Unfortunately, I still don't have a camera which works well enough to upload pics to a pc so descriptions will have to do.

Necrons: I still plan on making my platinum lord titan. I am also going to make an aonic orb and arbiter, as well as put up some fluff for my necrons. Currently working on my platinum lord, and making plans for Raider class flyers (which theoretically are equivalanet to thunderhawks in size?)

Daemonhunters: apacolypse plans for deamonhunters include a modified hellhammer and a grey knight thunderhawk, the GKTH will be scratch-built. A link has been added to the links page showing a very cool thunderhawk which is the inspiration for my own. Regular plans for Daemonhunters include finishing my retinue and grey knight squad. This army is going to take a lot of time to finish as it will be the army I take the most time and effort to paint really well.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Grey Knight news

Apparently, GW decided to give their inquisition a bit of love.

I just heard from a friend who visited a GW store that there is going to be something called a redemption force for something around 280 bucks. Whenever I get the money, I will be getting this as this will give me almost all of what I need to start out: a captain stern model, 30 GK and some Terminators from what I was hearing.

Let's hope this isn't false info, if the money adds up i'd be saving a lot of money.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Current Necron Force

Here I will outline what I have for my apocalyptic necron force so far, both painted and unpainted, as well as what I would like to add to my necron force in the near future. Keep in mind that I will always be up for adding to this force to do larger and larger apocalyptic battles and, hopefully, I might make it into white dwarf one of these days ;)

  1. Warriors: 56 x 18 = 1008 22 painted
  2. Destroyers: 7 x 50= 350 2 are painted
  3. Tomb Spiders: 2 x 55= 110 I really love this unit and only one is painted, expect more soon.
  4. Two Box's worth of Scarab Swarms, I don't like this unit but I might use some of these for basing so.... 10 x 12= 120
  5. One completed heavy destroyer at 65 points, This unit is very good against armies I have a hard time with like marines and Chaos so expect the full 3 soonish.
  6. Monoliths: 2 x 235= 470 one is done, one is being modded and painted
  7. Wraiths : 3 x 41= 123 (done, expect a second squad soonish)
  8. Flayed ones: 10 x 18= 180 (4 are done)
  9. Lords: One destroyer lord (130 base) 3 Lords (100 Base) 4 x 100 + 30= 430 base 4 x 200= 800 fully upgraded 2 are painted, have the destroyer lord and lord with res orb to do

This adds up to 2426 without the lords, 2856 with base lord cost, and 3226 at fully upgraded cost of lords. Currently I am working on finishing up my warriors, and I will probably move on to my second tomb spider after that for fun and then work on my flayed ones. My second Monolith is being green stuffed so that will be a big project. I need to get 2 more Parriahs to make a minimal squad and 3 more immortals to make a minimal squad.


Well, as it turns out, I can't get my digital camera to work with my PC, so for the moment I am stuck with either articles about painting and playing or simple updates.

As some of you know, my necron force is coming along slowly and my Grey Knights even slower due to some things getting in the way, but 20 more warriors should be done soonish and that will leave me with little more to paint till I decide to buy more.

Thus far, I have almost 3000 points bought, but not all of it is painted for my necrons. Hopefully they will all get painted soonish.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Getting Started

This Blog lists my accomplishments and some articles for warhammer 40K.

Currently, I am trying to get my digital camera working so I can get some pics of my army up, and I will periodically get some painting and playing articles up!

I am working on apocolyptising my Necron force currently, and am well on my way to doing so!