Tuesday, December 1, 2009

So, I have been thinking a lot about different armies and how fun it would be to play them. Considering I don't do much gaming outside of Warhammer40K anymore I have been considering doing several small 1000pt armies just as a side thing, once I get a bit more money. With Necrons rumored to be on the way I am going to hold off buying more of them and who knows when Chaos will come out.

The two biggest armies on my mind lately are Tau and Orks. Knowing that Bolter and Chainsword had a Fire Warrior Painter I went over to try a metallic blue theme I had been dying to try on necrons but thought would look good on tau as well:

Before this, I noticed they had an orc painter as well, albieght in a beta stage:

The ork Is a bit basic for my tastes but it gives a generall idea. I have always loved how fun orks looked to paint and hopefully I can figure out ways to make them unique as well. Perhaps the world needs more deep red orks.....

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